Pre- Wabakimi Rendezvous Trip (Smye to Wilkie to Flindt)

  • 5 Mar 2023 1:31 PM
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    Dave McTeague (Administrator)

    I did do this trip with Iowa Hank right before the Wabakimi Rendezvous gathering.  See my report in the Trip Forum. 

  • 2 Apr 2022 9:43 PM
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    Doug Blount

    Worthwhile to check out.  Isn't the Westbound train now at night?  What is the easiest way to check the date and time train schedule? 

  • 2 Apr 2022 7:48 PM
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    Dave McTeague (Administrator)

    We're encouraging before and after canoe trips for the Wabakimi Rendezvous, Sept. 8-11.  I'm looking at staying at the Four Winds Motel on Sunday, August 28th and having them shuttle me up to Smye Lake on Monday, August 29th; then paddle Smye to Wilke Lake, and the upstream (South) on the Flindt River/Heathcote Lake to Flindt Landing, and catching the westbound Train back to Savant Lake (where my car will be), on Monday, Sept. 5th. (then drive to Thunder Bay)  My purpose would be to better document this route as for westside entry. 

    I have one prospective paddler to go with me. Perhaps another canoe/two folks would be interested in joining.  More details to come.  This post is also a test as to the viability of this Forum for Trip Planning and paddle partners.

    Savant Lake August 28th, (I'll be coming from Winnipeg) Stay at Four Winds Motor Hotel leave car. 

    August 29, leave car @ hotel, get shuttled to put-in on… begin Canoe trip at Smye Lake, 7 nights

    Sept. 4th, possible stay at Flindt Landing cabin if available

     Via Rail west bound return Flindt Landing to Savant Lake, morning of Sept. 5, 9:42. a.m.  (train usually runs late, sometimes very late),   Westbound Train Schedule

    I'll be driving on to Thunder Bay for the Wabakimi Rendevous gathering.  

    Trip Purpose:  Document  Smye Lake entry  “Wabakimi’s Back Door”,  assess portage conditions

    Route total: 42 Km or 26 miles;  Portages;   11 total;   Smye to Wilkie 131 meters, 191, 71, 131;   Wilkie to Flindt Landing:  180, 66, 643, 36, 147, 22, 47

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