• 25 Aug 2021 9:34 AM
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    Hello, I am brand new to FOW and have never been. I live in Minnesota and have been paddling BWCA for years. 

    As strange as it sounds to many, the BWCA is a bit crowded to get a sense of real adventure which is the appeal to Wabakimi.

    Now that Canada is open to we here in the US, I would like to plan a fall trip to get "my feet wet" (Pun intended) in Wabakimi and am looking for a little advice. 

    I think I would like to drive to Armstrong and take the train into the park, then go in for just 2-3 days. Does that make any sense? If so, where should I depart the train to enter?

    Finally, while I would like to buy all the books and maps and eventually probably will, which would be the best for now given my experience and plans. 

    Thank you.


  • 25 Aug 2021 8:03 PM
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    Hi Bob!  I too am a Wabakimi newbie! I've done many trips to BWCA, Quetico, and Woodland Caribou.  Most have been with my daughter.  With all those places closed,I decided it was time to look into Wabakimi. With only two weeks until my trip, I arranged a trip through Bruce at Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters.  I also joined FOW and I ordered the big planning map and the guide book.  Bruce will provide me with the maps I need for my trip, so I figured I would buy the FOW map volumes in the future on an as-needed basis.  Bruce did tell me the train only runs 1x a week and is unreliable, so it is hard to make the dates work and he doesn't send many of his clients that way.  I'll know more when I return!

  • 26 Aug 2021 9:58 AM
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    Dave McTeague

    There's also Crown Land routes, just as wild as the park; but know there may be logged areas just over the rise..not that you'd know.   Clem Quenville is a local who does shuttles and safe parking. Many have used him.  He's shuttling me on Sept. 7th, and I'm training out back to Armstrong with my daughter on Sept. 16th.  I'll have my spouse tracking the train and sending me Inreach messages; so I'll have an idea if its running late.   My Mtn. Lake to Nameiben route is found earlier in this Forum; and a report, not to mention my Oregon Dave YouTube report.  There's also road entries on the West side...with some info posted on that in the wabakimi forum. 

  • 26 Aug 2021 11:02 AM
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    Very helpful thanks!

    I think contacting Bruce and working with him on a short trip might be the best for this fall. I have been on his website and it looks like he has a ton of knowledge and a place to base camp after driving to Armstrong.


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