The Ogoki River From Headwaters to Lake Nipigon

  • 14 Feb 2021 8:34 PM
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    This August my brother and I  will spend a couple of weeks going down the Ogoki River system.  After being dropped off by bush plane at Endogoki Lake, the Ogoki headwaters lake, our route takes us all the way downriver to the Ogoki Rservoir. and a visit to the Waboose Dam. Then we turn back to the Mojikit Channel and head down the Little Jackfish River to Lake Nipigon. The trip ends with bush plane ride  or a portage up to Ferland for a vehicle ride back to our vehicle at Don Eliot's Mattice Lake Outfitters just south of Armstrong Station.

    The teal-coloured parts of the route we have already done. (See  the map attachment.) We look forward to connecting those to the ones we haven’t - e.g. the Endogoki to Tew Lake stretch, the Whitewater to Whiteclay section, and the final bit from the NE arm of Whiteclay all the way to Lake Nipigon.

    The Wabakimi Project Vol 5 has recent (2017) info on rapids and portages on the Little Jackfish; the Vol. 1 booklet covers the rest of the trip. We will keep a record  and fill in any blanks on campsites, rapids, and portages and other points of interest as we make our way down.  We plan to spend our first morning on Endogoki Lake and hope to cut  a rough portage trail to Savant Lake to provide another way of accessing the Ogoki headwaters lake in the future. 

    If anyone has recently been down any of the red stretches, any observations and info would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance - and good luck with your own Wabakimi trip planning. Hopefully the border will be open this summer so you guys in Michigan and Wisconsin and Iowa and from further away can get up here again!

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  • 14 Nov 2021 6:32 PM
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    An Update on our Ogoki River trip - sometimes things don't go quite the way you planned. This was one of those times!  While we had a great time paddling the 200- kilometer middle section from Whitewater Lake to Zigzag Lake on the Little Jackfish, we abandoned the headwater section after three solid days of bushwhacking.  At the other end, we ran out of time to get right down to Lake Nipigon. 

    The following post will get you started.  At the end of it you will find links to the day-by-day posts , each with maps, photos,  and some history and geology, and links to useful additional information.

    The Ogoki River From Top To Bottom

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