510 Raymond River Route: Little Caribou to Pikitigushi River plus an Alternate loop finish to Whiteclay, Whitewater and back to Little Caribou

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Raymond River From Little Caribou to the Pikitigushi River plus an alternate finish from Raymond River north to Whiteclay, Whitewater and back to Little Caribou. 13 Map pages. This seldom traveled route goes through the northern part of the Wabadowgang Noopming Crown land forest adjacent to Wabakimi Provincial Park. The Raymond River route flows from the northwest end of Caribou Lake which presents three choices to begin the trip: - Paddle from the Little Caribou bridge - Take a boat shuttle across the lake. - Fly into Whiteclay Lake and follow the Raymond River south. From Caribou Lake paddle through Fletcher, Howie, Hollingsworth and Medallion Lakes to Raymond Lake and downstream on the small and dense Raymond River sections to Upper Maddy, Austen and Scallop Lakes. Then pass through a rocky section with lift-overs before entering the more travelled Raymond/Pikitigushi north-south route. From here our route travels south over the height of land to the Pikitigushi River system, to finish at the logging road south of Pikitigushi Lake for a shuttle back to Armstrong, Check out the pictographs on Cliff Lake. the downed plane on Wash Lake. We have also included an alternate end to the route, following Raymond River north to Whiteclay Lake, Whitewater Lake and returning to Little Caribou via Mckinley and Caribou River, effectively creating a loop trip. See the 2018 Wabakimi Project Trip Raymond River Trip Report and Ray Tallent's 2022 Trip report in the FOW Trip Report Forum. Ray's report is essential reading and recommends avoiding the Raymond River in low water conditions. A section goes through a thick alder maze, while challenging, it is doable. HELP US KEEP THE MAPS UP TO DATE We want to ensure that each client receives a completely up to date map set, so maintaining the canoe route maps for the region is a continuing project for us. We gladly invite your comments and input on the route should you notice any changes or experience any differences. Email: info@wabakimi.org
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