111 Magotte Lake or Shultz's Trail, Lookout River, Elf Lake, Allanwater, Caribou to Little Caribou Lake take-out

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There are two choices of starting points for this trip. Beginning at the town of Armstrong, one requires a shuttle and the other begins with a short train ride. (Link to Dropbox.) Armstrong is at the Northern termination of Highway 527. Although the town is extremely small, it does have a number of useful facilities: a motel opposite the gass station, a grocery store, gas station, post office and a restaurant. - A shuttle from Hwy 527 south of Armstrong, along the Obonga Lake Road to Magotte Lake where there is a small parking area and campsite. From here, paddle north through Kenakskannis and Boulder Lakes to Shawanabis and Onamakawash Lakes. - Second option (a shorter route beginning on map page 3) requires a brief train ride from Armstrong to Shultz’s Trail, mileage point 24.7 on the Via Rail line. From the train stop there is a short trail down to Onamakawash Lake. Train reservations can be made at http://www.viarail.ca or best to call (888) 842-7245. The Lookout River flows into Smoothrock Lake from where the route turns west through the less travelled Elf Lake (excellent fishing reported), following which there is a choice between three routes to Lower Wabakimi: Roberts Lake, McWade Lake or the perhaps more exciting downstream section of the Allanwater River. Campsites along the route are quite plentiful and like the portages are not marked but usually quite obvious. Bear in mind, however, that the portage crews only get to some of the very many routes in the region about every two or three years.
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