325 Albany River from Rockcliff Lake to Attwood, Witchwood and Pikitigushi River

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Albany River from Rockcliff Lake to Attwood, Witchwood and Pikitigushi Rivers (Pdf download). 29 map pages. This Albany River trip usually begins with a fly-in to Rockcliff Lake, then paddling north on the Misehkow River all the way up to the Albany. However, one could start from Hwy 599 Paskokogan Lake, for a really long trip. As the current flows more quickly on the Albany, progress becomes noticeably faster and 3 days on the Albany will bring you to Gowie Bay.. Leaving the Albany River at Gowie Bay you will return to the Wabakimi area via the Attwood and Witchwood River systems down to Whiteclay Lake, then upstream for about 12km on the Raymond River. Crossing the height of land portage puts you on the Pikitigushi all the way downstream to Pikitigushi Lake and the bush road for a prearranged shuttle to Armstrong. In its entirety this is a three week trip but of course it can be shortened with a fly-in or fly-out anywhere along the route or select the easier finish from the west end of Whiteclay Lake to Whitewater, Smooth rock, the Caribou River to the take-out at the bridge on Little Caribou. If you haven’t seen it already, you may want to check out perhaps the most thorough Albany trip report at https://albinger.me/2013/09/27/going-down-the-albany-river-misehkow-river-to-petawanga-lake/ a nd its subsequent chapters, by Ramblin’ Boy Most of this route is through a 'Non-operating' Provincial Park and Crown Lands, which is to say that the portage trails are not maintained by Park crews but are maintained by the users.
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