102 Allanwater River via Whitewater to Little Caribou

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Allanwater River to Wabakimi Lake, Kenoji and Whitewater Lake, Smoothrock Lake, Caribou River, Caribou Lake and the Little Caribou Lake take-out (Pdf download). 12 map pages To begin the trip, take Via Rail west from Armstrong (or any other point from further east or west) to Allanwater Bridge at mile marker 54.6. (Train reservations can be made at http://www.viarail.ca) About three or four kilometres or two miles after the start, the river divides into two channels. Both east and west channels can be used and are equally interesting. A little more water flows through the eastern branch, so it may be the preferable choice especially in low water conditions. Exiting Brennan Lake at the eastern end presents 3 options. The northern route is the easiest and most direct exit with two swifts and a 110 metre portage. If you prefer to portage around Brennan Falls, (and view the Falls from above) begin the loop from the north and take the two small carry-overs. The third option, a 550 metre portage to the south is longer and more difficult and so is the least desirable exit. The Ogoki Lodge on Whitewater Lake is worth checking out. Also we recommend a visit to Best Island and the Wendell Beckwith cabins, a must visit site while it lasts as it is no longer maintained. We have included a less traveled alternative route between Kenoji and Whitewater Lakes that travels through Arril and Grayson Lakes. These map pages are provided as a digital download. You are encouraged to print and laminate the map pages for use when paddling.
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