110 Lookout River, Smoothrock, Berg, Whitewater, Little Caribou Lake (with options)

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Lookout River to Smoothrock Lake, Berg River Whitewater Lake, Caribou River and the Little Caribou take-out. (PDF download) There are actually two choices of starting points for this route. Beginning at the town of Armstrong, one requires a shuttle and the other begins with a short train ride: - A shuttle from Hwy 527 south of Armstrong, along the Obonga Lake Road to Magotte Lake where there is a small parking area and campsite. From here, paddle north through Kenakskannis and Boulder Lakes to Shawanabis and Onamakawash Lakes. This start to the trip will add another couple of days for a 7-day trip. - Or you can take a brief train ride from Armstrong to Schultz's Trail, mileage point 24.7 on the Via Rail line. From the train stop there is a short trail down to Onamakawash Lake. Cross the East end of the Lake to the Lookout River and then up the west arm of Smoothrock Lake to Berg River, Ogoki River and Whitewater Lake. The Ogoki Lodge on Whitewater Lake is worth checking out. It was originally built as an eco-tourism destination with a main lodge built in the shape of a giant teepee. Although left in disrepair, it is to be restored as a commercial lodge. We also recommend a visit to Best Island and the Wendell Beckwith cabins, a must visit site while it lasts as it is no longer maintained. Wendell Beckwith was a native of Whitewater, Wisconsin and an inventor. In his search for solitude he lived on Best Island from 1961 until his death in 1985. He helped build a large pine cabin and later a smaller one (The Snail) into the hillside that was more efficient to heat in winter.
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