320 Palisade River loop, with links to Coles Lake and Albany and Webster to Slim River

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This is a loop route, beginning and ending at Kenoji Lake. From Mattice Lake, you can arrange float plane services from either Wabakimi Outfitters (Bruce Hyer) or Mattice Lake Outfitters (Don Elliot) (see our FOW Canoeing Resources page at www.wabakimi.org). 8 map pages. From Kenoji follow the Palisade River north then take Webster Creek to Redman Lake and Early Lake through to Rockcliff Lake and south to Davies Lake. Then complete the loop paddling through Timon, Muskiga and Burntrock Lake and the Palisade River back to Kenoji Lake. We have included an additional loop from Early Lake, north through Late Lake, Wet Lake and Coles Lake. joining the Misehkow for a paddle upstream to Rockcliff Lake. Although this loop may be easier in the reverse direction. Finally, we have included an alternative, less travelled. route between Webster Lake and Ahleen Lake through Corky and Winn Lakes, with several choices for a return to the Pikitigushi River and Kenoji Lake. It should be noted that the portages on the Corky Lake section are not naintained by the Park crews.
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