504 Linklater, Revillo, MacDonald, Linklater Creek, MacLaren Lake, Upper & Lower Pawshowconk Lakes, Big River, to Gort Lake to Pikitgushi river route

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This little used route can begin at either at the Little Caribou bridge, or by a boat shuttle to the top of Caribou Lake. Be prepared for challenging portages along the Linklater Creek route and Big River. These routes are in the Wabadowgang Noopming Crown land forest; an area designated for recreational use, but surrounding areas subject to ongoing forest harvest. These routes were cleared by The Wabakimi Project in 2015 and 2016, but since have seen limited use. The Big River route was re-explored by Friends of Wabakimi members in 2022. (See Big River Map Set 120) A Wabakimi Project report for part of the Linklater Route can be found on FOW's Trip Report Forum. There is a little used outpost on the east end of Linklater Lake and an occassionaly used outpost on Upper Pawshowconk. Also included is Cliff Lake up to Butland Lake and south to Pikitigushi Lake and road take-out. The connections to the Raymond River/Scallop Lake routes are found in the Raymond River map set (510).
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