230 Wabinosh River and various routes from Tamarack Lake via Vale Lake or Rushbay to Waweig or Mattice Lake

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- From Highway 527 at Mattice Lake or Nameiben Lake, paddle to Vale Lake and continue on through Mountain, Tunnel and Rocky Island Lakes to Tamarack Lake. - Or via Rushbay Lake and Canon Lake to Tamarack. - Or, in the reverse direction, from Tamarack Lake to Nameiben, Waweig Lake and Lake Nipigon. To end a trip at Tamarack Lake, you can arrange a shuttle along the Trail Lake Road back to highway 527 and Armstrong. Or paddling north from Tamarack Lake, will take you down the Boiling Sand River, from where you can continue a trip further into the Park or via Smoothrock, and Caribou River to a finish at Little Caribou. Remember that most of this area is outside of the Park boundary and therefore portages are not cleared by the Park crews but rather by the users themselves. So do come equipped and try to help us keep the routes open. If you need a shuttle, I would recommend Clem Quenville for shuttles and vehicle storage. He is right in Armstrong and can be reached at: 807 372 1346 or email: wabakimiclemq@outlook.com Also, see Dave's Vale Creek report in the FOW Trip Forum for more details and the 2017 Wabakimi Project Trip Report.
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