223 Little Caribou via McKinley and Whitewater Lakes to the Little Jackfish River

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This paddle-in, paddle-out route begins at the Little Caribou bridge, 5 kms from Armstrong on the Caribou Lake Road. It follows the lonebreast Bay, McKinley Lake route and crosses the east end of Whitewater into Whiteclay Lake. From the Ogoki Reservoir the route turns south through Mojikit Lake and the Little Jack fish River. (This set has 14 map pages.) The normal take-out from the Little Jackfish is at the Airport Road, from where a pre-arranged shuttle would pick you up for the return to Armstrong. Although the river has been paddled down to the rail line and even into Lake Nipigon for a float plane pick-up. See https://albinger.me/2021/10/25/paddling-down-the-little-jackfish-river-to-zigzag-lake/#road. The flow of the Little Jackfish is regulated by the Summit Control Dam at the SE corner of Mojikit Lake. Flow rates can and do vary dramatically as periodic releases occur. So don’t enter the Little Jackfish River without having previously made appropriate arrangements with Ontario Power Generation. Check water levels at: http://www.opg.com/generating-power/hydro/northwest-ontario/river-systems/pages/nipigon-river.aspx See 2014 Wabakimi Project report at: https://friendsofwabakimi.wildapricot.org/WabakimiForum/10176092?rid=10176092##10176092 and Ramblin Boy's report: https://albinger.me/2021/10/25/paddling-down-the-little-jackfish-river-to-zigzag-lake/ Please Note: Sections of this route outside of the Wabakimi Park boundaries are over Crown Lands or a 'Non-operating' Provincial Park, where portage trails are not maintained by Park crews but are maintained by the users. So please help where you can. Non-Canada paddlers will need Crown Land camping permits.
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