Volume Five, Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps

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Volume Five, Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps 1. Tamarack Lake to Rushbay Lake via Canon Lake 2. Tamarack Lake to Tunnel Lake via Rocky Island Lake 3. Tunnel Lake to Waweig Lake via Vale Creek 4. Rushbay Lake to Bukemiga Lake via Collins River 5. Rushbay Lake to Mountain Portage via Vale Creek 6. Mattice Lake to Nameiben Lake via Pillar Lake 7. Waweig Lake to Lake Nipigon on via Wabinosh River 8. Maggotte Lake to Shawanabis Lakevia Boulder Creek 9. Caribou Lake to Upper Pawshowconk Lake via Linklater Creek 10. Caribou Lake to D'Alton Lake via Fuchsite Lake 11. D' Alton Lake to Revilo Lake via Cosmo Lake 12. Little Caribou Lake to Big Lake 13. Big Lake to Gort Lake via Big River 14. Butland Lake to Pikitigushi Lake via Pikitigushi River 15. Mojikit Lake to Zigzag Lake via Little Jackfish River 16. Zigzag Lake to Lake Nipigon via Little Jackfish River 17. Raymond Lake to Pickett Lake via Raymond River (NEW!) 18. Raymond Lake to Caribou via Hollingsworth Lake (NEW!) 19. Redsand Lake to Gaal Lake via Kopka River 20. Gaal Lake to Sandison Lake via Kopka River 21. Sandison Lake to Kenakskaniss Lake via Kopka River 22. Kenakskaniss Lake to Bukemiga Lake via Kopka River 23. Bukemiga Lake to Wabinosh Lake via Kopka River 24. Redsand Lake to Brightsand River via Kashishibog River 25. Kashishibog River to Harmon Lake via Brightsand River 26. Harmon Lake to Antler Lake via Brightsand River 27. Antler Lake to Allanwater Bridge via McEwen Lake and Brightsand River (Shipping outside of U.S./Canada will be additional. We'll get in touch and bill accordingly.) (Note: Updates for Maps 4, 9, 12 & 13 are available for free download at https://www.wabakimi.org/wabakimi-maps.html New orders for Vol 5 with either have these updates incorporated or included as an addendum.)
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