120 Big River Route. From Big Lake Road to Gort Lake and Pikitigushi Lake take-out

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The Big River is actually a small stream that flows through the heart of Wabadowgang Noopming Forest due north of Armstrong. You may wish to pair this map set with Map set 218-Linklater Lake and D’Alton Lake connections. 6 map pages. It connects Big Lake, a traditional caribou calving lake, to D'Alton Lake and on to the Pikitigushi River and the Whitesand Provincial Park. It links a chain of small lakes though a series of boulder gardens, small rapids, and waterfalls. D'Alton is a nice destination lake with a terrific campsite on the South end. There is one fly-in outpost on D'Alton. Due to logging roads, the river is now accessible by vehicle off the Big Lake Road. However, this is not an easy river to paddle. The portages are not maintained as the route is outside Wabakimi Park boundaries. There are very few recognizable campsites and numerous stretches of water that should not be paddled. Travel down this little river can quite exhausting and dangerous. A paddler should enter this wild watershed at his/her own risk and respect the wild character it offers. See our July 2022 newsletter trip report: https://preview.mailerlite.com/o2m7u3r0m5
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