108 Kopka River - shorter trip from Aldridge Creek train stop

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Kopka River from Aldridge Creek to Bukemiga Lake with three alternate starts. (PDF download) To begin the trip, take Via Rail west from Armstrong to Aldridge Creek at mile marker 32.3 Train reservations can be made at http://www.viarail.ca (See our Guidebook for a detailed description of the Kopka River route or major portions.) In addition to the described route beginning at Aldridge Creek, we have included three alternative access points: --The first is from Shultz’s Trail at mile marker 24.7 on the Via Rail line. This route travels through Shawanabis and Boulder Lakes to join the Kopka at Kenakskanis Lake. --The second alternative access is from Magotte Lake which will only require a shuttle along Obonga Lake Road from Highway 527. From the North end of Magotte a 125km portage will take you into Kenakskannis Lake and the Kopka River. --The third option, shown on map page 3, is to continue West on the Obonga Lake Rd to the bridge east of Sandison Lake, although the road can be quite rough/overgrown past Magotte Lake and requires a professional shuttle. A few kilometres east of Kenakskannis are the ‘seven sisters’ and a series of portages, the last of which we recommend the old portage. An easy 125m until you reach the 20m (50’) drop at the end. However, at the time of writing there was a knotted rope in place to assist your climb down and an overhead rope in place to attach your canoe or packs and lower them down to the ledge below. From there it is an easy carry down the final slope. So, come prepared with a couple of climber’s caribiners. It’s easy, taken one step at a time. You can celebrate with a lunch by the water below. The usual take-out is at Bukemiga Lake but we have included, for your information the section of the Kopka from Bukemiga into Lake Nipigon.
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