350 The Brightsand River Provincial Park plus the Brightsand Circle and Hilltop Lake loops

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The Brightsand River plus Kawaweogama and Hilltop Lake loops. (Pdf download) Most visitors to Brightsand enter from the Graham Road which runs north from TransCanada Highway 17, 16 km west of Upsala and reaches the river at Aylsworth Lake (Access Point km52). The Graham Road continues north and provides further access to Brightsand at the outflow of the Kashishibog River (Access Point km94.2). This junction is also a connection to the Kopka River and Obonga-Ottertooth Provincial Parks. The River flows north for 133km to Allanwater Bridge on the CN Rail line. We have included a loop west via Kawaweogama Lake that rejoins the Brightsand River further south at Seseganaga Lake (map pages 9, 10 and 11). This detour can be paddled as a stand-alone loop from the Via Rail train stop at Allanwater Bridge. We have included a second detour via Hilltop and Mountairy Lakes with, so far, unconfirmed data from an Ontario Parks Brightsand River map, published in 2001. This detour can also be paddled as a loop from the Graham Road, Access Point KM 94.2. If you wanted to spend a day or so exploring this section, we would certainly appreciate the feedback. The Brightsand River is a scenic route, consisting of mixed forest and frequent granite outcrops. Evidence of the last ice age can be seen in the form of eskers, an outwash plain, moraines and other land forms. A great mix of both river and lakes, fast water sections and rapids, many of which can be run. All of the portages are shown and most campsites. Graham Road Notes (from a frequent user): The first 30km or so are generally in good shape. From about km 30 to km 70, the road can be washboarded and a little rougher but still okay for a car. Just a little slower. From km 70 and beyond the road does not experience as much traffic and is generally rougher but still very drivable. The road ends at km 140. The Graham can sometimes be as good as a highway or in really rough shape. The closest gas station is on Hwy 17 in Upsala, ON.
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