332 Shabuskwia River from Patte Lake (Albany River) via Attwood and Opichuan Rivers to Mahamo Lake - with two alternate routes south

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This is a fly-in, fly-out route*. However, if you have plenty of time and energy. the first alternate exit option will provide a couple of paddle-out options. From this group of river and lake routes around the Attwood River Conservation Reserve, the main route begins at Patte Lake on the Albany River and follows the Shabuskwia River south to Shabuskwia Lake, from where it joins the Attwood River, travelling east through Attwood Lake, Hurst Lake and Peninsular Lake to Gowie Bay. Then a brief 17km paddle on the Albany River to Abazotikichuan Lake, from where you access the Opichuan River, paddling south through Kagianagami Lake to Mahamo Lake. The first alternate route south leaves the Attwood River at Hurst Lake and and travels through Felsia Lake to Witchwood River and Whiteclay Lake. from Whiteclay there are a number of paddle-out routes: - south on the Raymond and Pikitigushi Rivers for a shuttle pick-up south of Pikitigushi Lake to Armstrong - or west on Whiteclay to Whitewater Lake, Smoothrock Lake and the Caribou River, finishing at the bridge on Little Caribou. The second alternate route south leaves the south end of Peninsular Lake and passes through Horseshoe Lake and Studd Lake to Elbow Lake and continues south through Muskrat Lake and Gordon Reid Lake to Humble Bay on Kagianagami Lake, from where the Opichuan River takes you to Mahamo Lake. *You may wish to check with Clem Quenville re possible road takeout near Mahamo Lake.
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