218 Linklater Lake, Linklater Creek, D’Alton Lake, Big River connections between Caribou Lake and Pikitigushi River

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Put-in at the bridge at Little Caribou Lake and paddle to Kellar Bay on Caribou Lake from where a couple of portages will take you into Linklater Lake. (Or book a boat shuttle) Then south via McDonald, Revillo and Maclaren Lakes into Big River, Gort Lake and the Pikitigushi River. For the alternate connection through D’Alton Lake, take one of the two access routes south of Kellar Island. Either via the very clear but long portage to Cumaway Lake or Michell and Fuschite Lakes that will take you into D’Alton and the Big River. (You may wish to pair this with map set 120 - Big River Route) The portages from Shoal Lake are quite difficult. The first is 347m and difficult to find and follow. The second is 792 metres and seemed very long and rough. After that the portages become easier and pass a couple of very scenic waterfalls. Don’t miss the pictograph site at the base of a cliff on Upper Pawshowconk Lake. We have included two supplementary map pages covering the Pikitigushi north to Cliff Lake, should you wish to explore Cliff Lake and the pictograph sites.
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