(Item B) FOLDED Wabakimi Canoe Routes PLANNING MAP, 35" by 34" on 24# paper (Please note price is Canadian and includes shipping.)

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Produced by “Uncle” Phil Cotton working with professional cartographers and published by the Friends of the Wabakimi. In a readable scale of 1:210,000 this is the only map of its kind to depict all the known canoe routes in the Historic Wabakimi Area, which includes the Wabakimi Provincial Park and eight surrounding Provincial Parks. It also includes; the Mojikit Lake, Attwood River, Ottertooth and Lake Nipigon Conservation Reserves; and bordering Crown lands forests. Information also shows the access points from the paved highways, forest roads, and Canadian National Railway line that runs east--west through this vast wilderness area. This bright attractive map shows the primary and secondary heights of land, lakes and rivers, the provincial parks and conservation reserve boundaries as drawn from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) data set. The backdrop of the map is a "3-D" geotiff image created from the OMNR 20m Digital Elevation Model. Grid lines every 30 minutes of longitude and every 15 minutes of latitude define the coverage of the 1:50,000 Provincial Series of topographical maps with Topo map index numbers provided at the grid intersection points over the entire extent of the map. Printed in full color this 36" x 35" map covers 43,000+ square kilometers (16,500 square miles) of pristine wilderness. Paper / Non-waterproof folded (9" x 11.625") (Shipping outside of U.S./Canada will be additional. We'll get in touch and bill accordingly.)
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