130 Chivelston and Harris and Neston Lakes to Heathcote, Smye and Wilkie Lake to Flindt River.

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Chivelston and Harris and Neston Lakes to Heathcote, Smye and Wilkie Lake to Flindt River. These less paddled lakes can either be an access route from the west to the Flindt River and other routes within the Park or it could be its own loop trip. As an access route, the maps guide you through the less travelled Harris and Neston Lakes to Heathcote Lake. Another option is to take the Via train to the Chivelston lake at Milepost 76.5. Note that the 702 road crosses this route at two points; a shuttle to either is possible. Follow the NW arm of Heathcote for another loop through Charlotte and Smye Lakes into Wlkie Lake and the Flindt River. Please know that possibly you may the first through these two routes in years, so be prepared for challenging portages and bring your boreal saw. If you want to paddle this route as a loop trip, you could begin with a shuttle or fly-in to Harris Lake and follow the route through to Heathcote Lake, You may want to paddle downstream on the Flindt River, from Heathcote Lake through Heafur, Flet into Flindt Lake and take the 125m portage into Wilkie Lake. Then south through Smye and Charlotte and back to Heathcote Lake. There are several exit choices, beginning with a return to Harris Lake where you may have parked your own vehicle or from Flindt Landing you can exit by train (having booked in advance with Via Rail) or paddle south of the rail tracks to Corre Lake and the Vista Road take-out for a prearranged shuttle. Lodging and a 702 road shuttle is available from the Four Winds Motor Hotel. Local float plane service is possible from Rusty Myers Outposts. Via Trains go both directions on Mondays and Thursdays. See the FOW canoeing resources page at www.wabakimi.org for this contact information. Please Note: Sections of this route outside of the Wabakimi Park boundaries are over Crown Lands, where portage trails are not maintained by Park crews but are maintained by the users. So please help where you can.
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