225 Collins River from Bukemiga Lake (Hwy527) to Rushbay and Tamarack Lake and on to Smoothrock Lake and Little Caribou exit

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This route begins at the Bukemiga Lake access road from Hwy 527, about 27 kms south of the town of Armstrong. It follows the scenic Collins River north through a number of river and lake sections with some shorter portages to reach Rushbay Lake. (See two Wabakimi Project reports in the FOW Trip Report Forum) 7 map pages. The route north from Rushbay to Canon Lake and Tamarack Lake may not have been travelled for some time and the portages can become obscured with Tamarack tree overgrowth. Remember that this early part of the route is outside of the Park boundary and therefore portages are not cleared by the Park crews but rather by the users themselves. So do come equipped and try to help us keep the routes open. From Tamarack Lake the Boiling Sand River is a great run into Smoothrock Lake and then on to the Caribou River and the Little Caribou take-out for a short 5km shuttle into Armstrong. This is a 140km, 7 day canoe trip. See Chris Huband's book about his Collins River trip...fantastic scenery on this little traveled route. https://www.blurb.com/b/11483257-canoe-trip-2021-collins-river
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